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Computer Security & Protection

LCC has been providing IT security services to businesses since early 1980’s. We provide unparalleled analysis and protection from IT security threats while maintaining highest standards of confidentiality and discretion.

Viruses, Spyware or Hackers can infect your computer, network and can cause a lot of damage. Our regular, rigorous healthchecks for hardware and network ensure that your IT infrastructure is secured and upto date. This also helps us to take the corrective actions at the right time.

At London Computer Centre Limited:

  • Our experts can help bulletproof your business against disastrous down-time.

  • Business continuity requires a plan which must include systems monitoring and maintenance, updating, backups, health-checks and disaster recovery contingency planning.

  • We can audit your business, assess vulnerabilities, and advise on appropriate security and backup measures.

  • We can help with the supply of appropriate packages of hardware and software solutions.

  • We can install and configure appropriate systems to suit your business and to help make your data secure against attack or hardware/software failure.

  • We can make sure your data is backed up, secure, and ready to be restored in case of a disaster.

  • We can arrange server health checks, both remote and on-site for checking software and drivers, Spyware, malware or Viruses etc.

  • We are partners with leading providers of backup storage and recovery software developers.
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