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IT Relocation

LCC provides high quality IT relocation and installation services.

Whether your entire company is relocating across the country or a single department is moving across the room, we provide excellent relocation service and make sure that your business keeps operating as normal.

We ensure that appropriate data back-ups have been taken prior to any relocation allowing us to reinstate the IT network in the same configuration.

Our relocation service includes mapping, disconnection, secure packing, transport, set-up, install, reconnection and testing. We make sure that you commence your work from the first day at your new location.

LCC provides:

•    PC Desktop, Laptop and telephone relocations
•    Server installation and relocations
•    Data Centre relocation
•    Data cabling installation
•    PC/server Equipment hardware upgrades
•    Software deployment to PC desktops or servers
•    Communications equipment relocations
•    Network patching and auditing services
•    Portable appliance testing
•    Cable management

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