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GSM Gateway:


  • If you or your employees make lot of calls on mobiles from your office, ourGSM Gateway could considerably reduce your phone bill.
  • GSM Gateway is a kind of equipment which enables the routing of calls from fixed apparatus to mobiles by establishing a mobile to mobile call.


How it works:


· We connect our GSM Gateway to the Telephone System in your office. arrow.pngWhen you make a call on mobile using your telephone system that call is made
via the GSM Gateway rather than your telephone line.

arrow.pngBy doing so it cuts out the inter-connect cost which could have been added to your telephone bill
if you had used your landline to make that mobile call rather than our GSM Gateway.


Thus saving you potentially ££££’s every month.



Benefits of GSM Gateway


  • Cost reduction (Slash your monthly telephone bill)
    By using a GSM Gateway with your existing phone system you can make massive savings. Customers save around 50% on their landline to mobile call costs.
  • Increase productivity
    Productivity increases when using mobile or geographical calling line identification. Smooth Operation and direct access to your customers.
  • Easy implementation
    GSM Gateway can be added to any new or existing phone system at anytime. It does not affect your existing landline contracts and there will be no change to either the quality or the way your telephones are used now.

Legal Position


In the past there has been some confusion on the regulatory position regarding the use of GSM gateways in the UK. However, Ofcom has confirmed that it is entirely legal under UK law for organizations (whether businesses or consumers) to purchase, install and use GSM Gateways for their own private use.

  • For more information please download OFCom guidelines. Click here to Download PDF